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Tom Brady

The Winners Collection

Tel Aviv, July 2021

Acrylic on Canvas [100cm x 100cm]

The character is painted on shredded newspaper articles collected over many weeks from an archive, paying homage to major events in his career.


Tom Brady is widely regarded as the greatest Quarterback of all-time. He is the international face of American Football, often placed on the same pedestal as the Michael Jordans and Cristiano Ronaldos when talking about history writing athletes, but unlike the aforementioned names, Tom Brady didn't have the same "Wonderkid" beginnings. As he wrote himself, "Twenty years ago, I was a sixth-round draft choice from the University of Michigan who wasn’t sure he was going to get drafted at all". Funnily enough, he wasn't even contacted by the head coach, but by his assistant. The rest is history, whilst Brady's brash character has always drawn from the media phrases such as "cheater" and "cry baby" alongside "the greatest" and "role model" - his longevity and history writing performances can't be debated.

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